Complaint submitted at Swiss NCP of OECD

The incidents of occupational pesticide poisoning in 2017 by Syngenta’s “Polo” in the Indian region of Yavatmal took place on a far larger scale than previously thought. This is shown by exclusively accessed documents, yet the Basel-based agro-chemical firm still sells its highly toxic product in India. As a result, 51 affected families filed a specific instant at the Swiss OECD National Contact Point, and three victims filed lawsuit against the agrochemical corporation Syngenta in a civil court in Basal, Switzerland on 17th September.

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An international investigation report on the unfortunate incidents of inhalational and contact poisonings of farming community happened in Yavatmal in 2017.

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PAN India’s Report on Pesticide Poisoning in Yavatmal 2017

This report shows ground reality of multitude of issues related to cotton farming right from seed to pesticide application practices, farming and working conditions, lack of proper access to information, etc. that have brought in the pathetic situation. The ground reality shows that national laws and International code of conduct on pesticide management among others are  grossly violated in Yavatmal.

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