Dattapur, Yavatmal:

Today (November 20th) the international children’s day, farmers, women, youth and children joined for an awareness creation meeting on the need for protecting children from harmful effects of pesticides, in Dattapur village in Yavatmal District in Maharashtra.

Senior farmers from the village spoke about ill health of using toxic chemicals from their experience and said that they are trying to get rid of toxic pesticides and move into agroecological practices. Village leaders who are part of the local self governments also joined.

In the event, 65 participants came together to observe international children’s day. The event was jointly organised by Maharashtra Association of Pesticide Poisoned Persons, Pesticide Action Network India and Pesticide Action Network Asia & the Pacific.

Sri. Budaram Dadanje an organic farmer presided in the event. Sri. Avinash Narsing Pawar, Sri. Ramu Chawan Mazi, Sri. Arun Rathod and Sri. Babulal Rathod spoke on ill health of toxic agrochemicals, need of protecting children from pesticide toxicity, and organic farming. They highlighted requirement more strengthened and concerted efforts from governments and policymakers for reducing toxic pesticides and advancing agroecology.

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Photos From the Event